ijing "for better tr

d the teachers'▓ instructions."She didn't want to go, so I took her to the class," says Yu's mother, who was encouraged by the student volunteers. "My daughter


hasn't gone to kindergarten for a long time."The disease ▓has changed her. The chemotherapy annihilat▓ed her cancer cells but weakened her. Yu's mother said she once was an active girl, who liked singing and dancing. Now she is quiet. "She seems upset, but doesn't want to tell us."Yu comple

ted the paper cup telephone in half an hour. When she was asked to test it, she raised

eatment".On Ma Dolor Sit

the cup and ▓said, "Mum, I love you."Everybody cheered. Yu laughed and said it again, louder. Her mother, on the verge of tears, said it was the happiest day


since Yu first went to hospital.In the ward, happy times are short, and pain can strike at any time.S▓un Peirui, 10, drew a picture of a golden lion which was put on the wall. However, he stopped coming to class when he became too weak d▓ue to a new phase of chemotherapy. His parents had abandoned him after divorcing. A welfare home took him in and sent him to Beijing from his hometown Shandong Provin▓ce for treatment last year.His nose bleeds frequently for up to an hour. His mouth is full of sores, making it hard to eat."He missed the class very much and▓ asked me when he could return," says care worker Bu Xi▓urong, 62.Many

college students have helped as t▓eachers, but they can't know parenting.L▓yu Wanxin, a sophomore student volunteer, was impressed by a boy who cried at having to wear his mask. Lyu failed to pacify him. "The job needs more▓ than I expected," he says.Doctors and nurs▓es cannot ease the mental stress of their patients.Liu Weixiong wants more people with social experiences to join the program, as the classroom is abo▓ut company as much as study, he says. He ▓used to care for mentally ill children in Malaysia and Singapore."We welcome the elde▓rly, who

can share their stories and experi▓ence. They are also needed for a ch▓ild's growth."The

sound mo


foundation has opened 26▓ ward classes in and outside hospitals in 13 pro▓vinces. More than 5,000 children have attended t▓hem. However, they have just 17 full-time or▓ part-time teachers like Liu Weixiong.The pupils al▓so include children with cancer and kidney diseases, who ne▓ed long-term treatment.Liu Zhengchen▓ pl

eaned on h

ans to expand the faculty and provide more courses for ▓different sch

ool ages."I hope we can help more ch▓ildren with serious illn

esses maint▓ain their learning and soci

al adaptability, so they can return to normal life as soon as possible."Pleas▓e scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChildren in Ye▓men face acute humanitarian needs: UNICEFChildren in Yem▓en face acute humanitarian

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